Traditional Friday Catblogging

Miss Susie watching the snow and cold …



A change of window didn’t seem to change the scene. Still snowy and cold outside.


Winter update

“A sliding car, even with 4-wheel drive engaged, is still a sliding car.”

Fortunately, we dodged our share of sliding cars when the roads were an icy mess on Wednesday and Thursday. Only the residential streets remain icy and snow packed, with the freeway and main arterials quite clean.

Though we’re seeing much more sun today, the deep freeze continues. Temperature wise, it’s the same as yesterday. Tomorrow will be more of the same, but with a return of the snow. The “warm” is expected to return next week Wednesday.


2 thoughts on “Traditional Friday Catblogging

  1. This seems to be a season of weather extremes. I’m actually wearing shorts and tennis shoes, it’s 70 degrees at 10 o’clock tonight. I guess most people would think I’m nuts to complain, but it doesn’t seem natural. I used to be pretty capable driving in the snow, but I don’t think I could handle a sliding car anymore….be careful out there!

    • Generally, I wear shorts year round. During wintertime, the shorts are indoor wear only. 😉

      I think if you were to drive in snow and ice, your ability to handle a sliding car will come back quickly. A couple years ago, my Ford Expedition started to slide with the horse trailer hooked up. It seemed like forever to regain traction. I thought for sure I would jackknife the trailer, but didn’t. It was all luck on that day.

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