Easy Like Sunday

Remembering our great Thanksgiving feast …

roasted turkey with a ginger-infused teriyaki glaze


the table of sides


pre-dinner snacks of chocolate cupcakes


the dessert – chocolate cake with a frosting of chocolate mousse and chocolate ganache


When Andrea, Laurie and I pitched the idea of a Thanksgiving dinner of our blended family to our respective parents, there was a touch of skepticism. Despite their wariness of the idea, they agreed to the large family dinner. Our girls, Deborah, Elizabeth and Tara, were very receptive to the idea. The dinner unfolded nicely with lots of laughing. The other sign of success – very little leftovers and everything chocolate consumed.

A chance of another large family holiday dinner? May be, probably. Bella, Andrea’s sister, said her and Pauly (Bella’s husband) would like to host Christmas Day.


Notes of thanks

  • The turkey and glaze by Andrea, and all things chocolate by Laurie.
  • Laurie for her carving skills. Her steady hands and skills as a surgeon has paid off nicely.

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    • So glad to hear from you. Hope you and your family had a Happy Thanksgiving.

      We were glad the big family dinner went well after so many years of doing the small family gatherings.

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