Veterans Day 2013


Being part of a military family, Veterans Day isn’t very much different from any other day. While we had family members who were in military service, my dad was the only career servicemember. In service for nearly 21 years, it was important to him that neither my sister nor I would feel it necessary to wear the uniform. In Korea, he was a frontline combat medic with the 5th RCT. In Vietnam, he was a chief OR technician in a field hospital with the 1st ID. Though he had seen and experienced much, war isn’t, and wasn’t, what you want your children to experience.

When my sister Ginny was about to graduate from high school in 1972, both the Navy and the Marine Corps heavily recruited her though they knew of her intention to enter college. They were interested in attracting high-quality recruits. For a short time, she did think about it. When I graduated in 1974, the Navy recruiter came by for a visit. He, too, understood of my intention to enter college. The recruiter understood my dad’s point, there were more opportunities and pursuits available than when my dad entered service. And, my dad and mom had a good understanding of my strengths, and that of my sister.

But, I know the military life is a good one. Those who become your friends, are your friends for life. The experiences are different. And, it’s certainly character building.

To all who have served, and are serving, my warmest of thanks for your service.



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