Easy Like Sunday

Today was a much relaxed day for both the horses and their riders after a long training session yesterday. An easy ride around, followed by playtime for the horses …

Tara’s horses, Brie (gray/white) and Cameron having fun and smiles


The other games:

  • Lilith and Captain Andrew in a game of equine blur (chase) at near full speed.
  • Mr. Ed, Comet, and Candace playing, how much slobber can you wear. They laughed when Laurie ended up with their slobber on her jacket, but not Laurie. (“And, you better not post that picture of me with horse slobber!”)

Mark down another “Easy Sunday” in the books.


11 thoughts on “Easy Like Sunday

    • Ack! I posted before I was finished! I would like to say that if everyone in the world would have an easy Sunday such as yours, the world would be, without a doubt, a better far more wonderful place!

      • Many, many thanks for your kind words, Elisa. We try to have days that are easy and relaxed. Some work out quite well, others not so much. Wouldn’t mind having an easy week, though.

        How are you doing? I figured you’ve been busy, here and there, and the like. I’ve been saving a “standing in the middle of the road” for you. I’ll probably post that tomorrow or Wednesday. Have a good Monday.

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