A Morning Ride

Not on horses, but in a hot air balloon …

a cold, early morning balloon flight (Sat, Nov 2 2013)


Earlier this morning, it was a red, hot air balloon seen in flight. A fairly cold flight, to boot, with morning temperatures around 17-18°F (-8°C).

When Colorado Balloon Fest is held in Colorado Springs, over the Labor Day (USA) weekend, we generally get a chance to see many of the hot air balloons floating overhead. The last two festivals (2012 and 2013), they flew in a different direction. The most memorable balloons, flying overhead, were these two …

“When Pigs Fly” (Sat, Sep 4 2010)


“Energizer Bunny” (Sat, Sep 4 2010)


With numerous balloon events around the world, the Energizer Bunny balloon flies 6-8 balloon festivals a year. The team reviews the invitations they receive, and choose which event to attend.


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