Sessions III: In The Studio

While in San Diego, several weeks ago, Andrea and I were treated to a few beautiful sunsets. Probably the best was the sunset at Mission Beach, after dinner, on our last night there.

It was a very nice ending to a nice trip.


Waiting On Heaven

This music project was the reason of our ten day trip to San Diego. Since the rehearsal sessions in Albuquerque and Phoenix, earlier this year, the project has progressed considerably. Being more familiar with the music and the lyrics, being more familiar with the vocal dynamics was the hardest part of the project. Yet, it was plenty of fun. Under the direction of Sandy, our musical director, she kept the whole project on an even keel – making sure each musician and vocalist gave their best. It was a definite creative challenge for the both of us. Andrea is much more talented than I when it comes to music. She possesses a warm, contralto voice, and is quite excellent playing the piano.

With all 15 songs recorded, the project has moved into its post-recording phase with the vocals and music mixed and blended to produce a professional recording of contemporary worship music. Of the notes we received since the recording sessions, Sandy is quite pleased with the sound. Her bottom line: it sounds like a group that has made music, together, for a number of years. Two or three songs may need to be re-done, but that’s still a “may be” at this point.


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