Traditional Friday Catblogging

Watching the sunrise …





… or watching for the early birds.


On Sunday morning (Nov 3), at sunrise, there will be a dramatic partial solar eclipse along the East Coast. The event will be a rare hybrid solar eclipse, where certain locations will experience a total eclipse and others will experience a eclipse just short of totality. In a line from Pittsburgh to Atlanta (aka, South of Easton), it will be near totality. Of course, seeing it will depend upon on the weather. More information on the eclipse can be found here.


2 thoughts on “Traditional Friday Catblogging

  1. I was so excited about this partial eclipse that I got up early even though I could have used that extra hour of sleep…and then it was so cloudy that it blocked whatever was going on. Just a little extra orange, maybe? Oh well, have to wait another hundred years or whatever it is until the next one. 😉

    • I know how you feel. When we had one last year, with 80% blocked, it was so disappointing with the cloud cover. It was like the eclipse wasn’t even happening.

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