A Romantic Autumn Twilight

The autumn twilight, at sunrise and sunset, can be especially colorful. Most are owed to nature’s perfected placement of clouds, here and there.  On occasional instances, those shades of purple, blue, and pink appear in a crystal clear sky. When those shades appear, both Andrea and Laurie agree the sky feels of romance.

The sunrise –

the pond at JN Ranch


The sunset –

from the front porch at home


My daughters haven’t begun to swoon over the shades of sunrise and sunset just yet, but that will come soon enough. For now, they save their swooning for horses and cats.

For another romantic sky, from the archives is this post.


About the photos

These are non-HDR images of a most recent October sunrise and sunset, with adjustments limited to cropping. Almost missed both of them: sunrise in a quickly brightening sky, and sunset in a fast fading light.


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