A Painted Lady

It’s mistaken quite often for a monarch butterfly. The  painted lady butterfly consists of three North American species of brush-footed butterflies known colloquially as the “painted ladies”. In the western United States, the West Coast Lady, (Vanessa annabella) is the painted lady. While their coloring and markings are similar to a monarch, they’re approximately half the size of a monarch. They become quite visible at this time of year, visiting brightly colored flowers.

This particular Vanessa annabella decided to visit our butterfly bush upon arrival this past weekend.










Like most butterflies, it doesn’t take much for them to flutter to a new location.


For more on the Vanessa annabella butterfly, please read here. For more on painted lady butterflies, please read here.


6 thoughts on “A Painted Lady

  1. These are all good shots! I visited a butterfly conservator once, and really got some awesome pictures there. It was quite the quaint little place too, not to far from me… And it has a spot for picnics, and is also a feed store.

  2. Beautiful photos of this butterfly David ! It’s not easy to photograph them. I had a butterfly bush once but it didn’t survive our cold winters even though I protected the plant.

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