Foggy Morning, Sunny Afternoon

Another gray, dreary day seemed to be in the making with foggy and misty skies greeting the sunrise. The birds were waiting out the weather.


The sun was struggling mightily to break through the heavy overcast and fog.


With the drainage culvert under the access road to the JN Ranch finally repaired, it was time to visit with our horses. The fog at the ranch, however, was stubbornly hanging on. In the field near their barns, the horses were leisurely taking in the morning fog. With them grouped together, they were quite agreeable to have their picture taken.


In the foreground is Deborah’s horse, Comet. On the other side of the fence are the ranch horses, waiting to see if they would be working or have another day off. It wasn’t long afterward the ranch horses were off to begin a day’s work. Comet spotted the treats bag the girls prepared for him and his stable mates. Hanging out at the barn and being brushed is not too bad of a life. Especially when treats are involved.

The fog. It gave way to an afternoon of blue skies and fair weather clouds.


About the horse photo

The group photo was taken with a Blackberry Bold.


2 thoughts on “Foggy Morning, Sunny Afternoon

  1. I like the subtle mood you captured in the first three picture, especially shot of the horses. I love that your area is getting some sun and an opportunity to dry out a bit.

    • Thank you. Glad you liked them. The horse photo was the lucky one. They started to separate a bit after it was taken.

      We’re starting to dry out. The flooding in northern and NE Colorado has been very bad. Hopefully they can get a good start on clean-up and partial repair before winter.

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