Film Flashback: Yellowstone 1966

In July 1966, Yellowstone National Park was chosen for our summer trip. Originally scheduled just after July 4th, the trip had to be cancelled because my dad was put on alert orders. Being a military family, you’re aware plans can change suddenly. While it was disappointing, you understand that’s the way things are. About a week later, my dad’s alert order was lifted. With 10 days of leave back on schedule, he and my mom decided the trip to Yellowstone was back on. Though lodging reservations were considered to be booked solid, they figured it was worth the chance. AAA had said cancellations always occur, and most likely lodging could be found inside, or outside, the park. It was our good fortune we were able to obtain three days of lodging at the Old Faithful Inn due to a reservation cancellation.

Then, as it is now, the Yellowstone and Grand Teton area possesses majestic and breathtaking scenery. With so much to see, it didn’t seem three days was enough.

The picture taker on this trip was my dad.

the distant view – Teton range


drawing closer to the Teton range, approaching the south entrance to Yellowstone


the Grand Teton range


at the Teton scenic overlook


After entering Yellowstone through the south entrance, it didn’t take long to be greeted by the park’s residents.

momma bear with her cub


with buffalo slowing the traffic, this bear makes a direct appeal, “disregard the sign that says do not feed the bears”


The views –

Old Faithful Inn


the midday crowd watching Old Faithful erupt


Yellowstone Lake


Bluebell Pool


Bluebell Pool close-up


another geyser and geothermal pool


About the photos

These were scanned from color slides, and constitute a small portion of pictures taken of the Yellowstone vacation. The camera used was a Brownie.


For more photos of Yellowstone, please visit Jane Lurie’s post here.


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  1. Hi David– Love these old images. Wonderful. Thank you for mentioning my photos of Yellowstone (circa June 2013) 🙂 Just went through Grand Teton last week on the way back. Sorting through images now.

    • Glad you liked the old images. With Yellowstone being a huge park and so much to see, your Yellowstone photos from June had to be seen too. I’m really looking forward to your Grand Teton images.

      Have a good evening.

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