New Ground, Familiar Ground

It is a very familiar place, yet so different. It is a new place, a new chapter taking shape.

clock tower at the Kraemer Library, University of Colorado – Colorado Springs


For my three girls, today is the first day of classes at the University of Colorado, here in Colorado Springs. Deborah and Tara, having attended Colorado State in Ft. Collins in their freshman year, felt uncomfortable with life on the big campus. Elizabeth opted to stay closer to home from the very beginning. Having them closer to home has made it easier, allowing them to mature and become more independent on their own terms, on their own schedule. Needless to say, it eases the stress on the checkbook.

The campus has changed considerably through the years. When my sister, Ginny, began here in 1972, it wasn’t far removed from its previous life as a sanitorium facility. A few classrooms still had bathtubs fixed in place. The fifth floor of the Main Classroom building was closed off, something about a weak floor and weak roof system. By the time I started in 1974, a new library-classroom-laboratory building was added. It was so quickly built, Dwire Hall, was already sliding down the expanded hill it was built on. The building was eventually stabilized after three years of remedial work.

Additional classroom, laboratory and office space was slowly added through the 1980s. In the late 1990s, a more rapid building cycle began. In addition to more classroom space, a new library building, and student union, residential student housing was added to the campus.

looking towards the new end of the campus – Columbine Hall (on the left), student housing units (on the right)
and parking garage (left, foreground)


No longer a commuter campus, it has become the fastest growing campus in the university system. The construction continues on a strong pace. A new sciences and engineering building and events/student union center recently opened.

a panoramic view of the new end of campus – Sciences & Engineering Classroom Laboratory building (right foreground)


If anything, it is beginning to lose its small campus atmosphere. With over 10,000 enrolled students, that is inevitable. Hopefully, the small campus atmosphere will last long enough until my daughters graduate.



4 thoughts on “New Ground, Familiar Ground

  1. Did I miss something…are your daughters triplets? WOW, that would be hard on the old checkbook during those college years. Actually, ANY year, when it comes to raising girls. I’m glad they’re close to home and in such a beautiful space. I’m still recovering from moving our daughter to the West Coast for her freshman year, and helping to organize our son’s move off campus at Indiana. I’m already bracing myself for May!

    • Triplet girls, no, but they can act that way at times by finishing each other sentences and sensing things. Deborah and Elizabeth are my daughters, Tara is my step-daughter. Deborah and Tara are both 19, Elizabeth will be 18 a week from this coming Saturday. They can be an expensive trio at times, especially with all three riding equestrian. We’re glad they’re close to home.

      I don’t envy moving your daughter cross country. It must’ve been tough to head back home. May will come sooner than you expect.

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