Boots and Tack

The tools of the trade …

Deborah’s highly-polished riding boot and stirrup


saddles and leather tack gear


Besides tending to their horses, Deborah, Elizabeth and Tara put a considerable amount of time and effort in keeping their gear in the best of condition. It says you’re a very serious rider of the first order. And, besides, a horse likes looking very sharp with an exceptionally-clad rider and their leathers.

With the second half of her freshman orientation finished, Elizabeth is rather glad she can turn her attention back to horses. She can join her sisters, “old” hands at college studies, back in the saddle for two more weeks of everyday riding and training before classes begin.


4 thoughts on “Boots and Tack

  1. I admire the meticulous care that riders, especially the younger ones, give to their horses. It’s a great life lesson, and it must be a wonderful bonding experience between rider and horse.

    • It’s that meticulous care that earns the loyalty of the horse. Take good care of them, a horse will do anything for their rider. I’ll pass along your admiration of their devotion to their horses. They’ll like it a lot.

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