Remembering Dino

Today, we mark the fifth anniversary of the passing of our handsome boy, Dino.


Dino was clearly the top cat in our household. He came to us as a six week old kitten, full of energy and lots of purring love. With his littermate, Pebbles, they were a tightly bonded pair of Siamese cats. They played many days together, usually capped by a game of chase. As a little kitten, Dino (more accurately, I) learned fast that most of the bed belonged to him when we slept.

Dino had a fondness for all things floral. The tropicals were his favorites. If Dino had a true favorite plant, it was the gardenia with its lush fragrance. When those plants wintered inside, he enjoyed walking among them in the laundry/utility room.



Needless to say, Dino could do anything what he wanted to do. Like taking breakfast in bed …


or, checking out a piece of luggage, preferably with fresh clothes …


Like any good cat, Dino had a special talent. He excelled in drinking water with his left paw.


While he knew how to drink water the “regular” way, Dino preferred doing so with his paw instead.

We were quite fortunate and privileged to have Dino with us for nearly 19 years. He was a very amiable, good-natured cat, and didn’t mind the camera too much.



Though Dino has been gone for five years, he’s remembered with the greatest affection along with Pebbles.

To our sweet boy, we’ll remember you always, and await for your familiar jump into bed every night at the end of those days that run very long.


Photos from the archives of Two Cats Two, our former personal web site.

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  1. Thanks for this beautiful and heart warming tribute. Bowie still likes to use his paw too when he’s drinking water.

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