The Rose Walk

The horses were brought in early for a morning walk around in the neighborhood. On Deborah’s birthday, last week (June 12th), I thought she would like to have a morning ride. And, that Elizabeth, and Tara (their friend and fellow rider) would like it as well. I’m sure the horses enjoyed the change in scenery, enjoying their nibbling on the grass in the uncut backyard. With the gentle clip-clop of hooves, the four of us walked the horses near the grade school four blocks away, and to a vet clinic a couple of blocks further. We’re fortunate not to have much street traffic in our neighborhood.

Given our spring was a bit more wintry than the past few, the one thing I noticed on the ride is how well everyone’s roses are doing.

the roses at our front porch, where the ride began


the neighbor across the street, their red roses


the neighbor across the street, their pink roses


the pink roses from our next door neighbor, Angela


the red roses from our next door neighbor, Angela


the yellow roses, largely hidden by the reds, from our next door neighbor, Angela


It was a good ride. The three girls and I liked it, the horses seemed to like it as well.


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