Stormy Skies

Since last Friday, we’ve had our share of stormy skies during the afternoon hours. Not much rain in the clouds, but plenty of lightning. This particular thunderstorm cloud appeared to be more menacing, lurking behind the frame of tree branches. The image appears in color, converted to B&W, and the B&W version with an infrared effect.




These were the storm clouds in a different direction, taking on a “flat” appearance on the bottom of the cloud deck. Similarly, the image appears in color, converted to B&W, and the B&W image with an infrared effect.




Menacing in appearance, we only had the gusty, out-flow winds and some thunder.


Fire Update

Exceptional progress has been made in containing the Black Forest Fire. In today’s midday briefing, the fire was reported to be 75% contained. The fire crews are working to suppress the remaining hot spots. Unfortunately, nearly 490 homes are complete losses. The number of partially-damaged homes are few, roughly in the 20-25 range. The number of unaffected homes is around 3,100. The better news is that the mandatory evacuation zone was significantly reduced last night. However, the area is without utilities. The hope is to reach full containment by Thursday.


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      • 🙂 well that must be exciting !!!!!! I loved ur photos so I was happy to do it. Post more storms. I grew in a countryside in Central Europe and storms here can be really crazy. But I suppose nothing close to some super American storms….. I see many documentaries about it on Discovery channel.

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