From A Distance

To our north, the Black Forest Wildfire continues to burn out of control. Whipped by strong winds, in hot and dry conditions, the fire took a drastic turn burning fiercely to the northwest and northeast yesterday afternoon. It continued to burn hot during the overnight hours. During this morning’s brief, the preliminary number of homes lost to the fire increased to 360. The authorities indicated this number is likely a low estimate. They also expanded the mandatory evacuation zone northward during the overnight. Additional mandatory evacuations were ordered this afternoon as the fire continues to burn aggressively north and west towards the northern-most subdivisions of the Colorado Springs area.

A few scenes …

sunrise colors (Wed, Jun 12 2013)


sunrise colors to the north (Wed, Jun 12 2013)


a mix of clouds and smoke at sunset towards Pikes Peak (Wed, Jun 12 2013)


morning haze (Thu, Jun 13 2013)


a MAFFS-equipped Air Force C-130 flies north to the Black Forest Wildfire (Thu, Jun 13 2013)


a second, MAFFS equipped Air Force C-130 flies north to the Black Forest Wildfire (Thu, Jun 13 2013)


a second, MAFFS-equipped Air Force C-130 flying north to the Black Forest Wildfire (Thu, Jun 13 2013)


Since we live in a southern sub-division in the Colorado Springs area, we’ve been marginally affected with occasional bouts of smoke and haze. The potential for this fire to become very catastrophic has increased. Hopefully, it will not become much worse.


Notes –

  • MAFFS stands for Modular Airborne Fire Fighting System, which drops 13,000 lbs of fire retardant slurry. For more on the MAFFS system, please read here.
  • For an overview of the fire, please read here.

6 thoughts on “From A Distance

  1. Great capture and reporting of this tragedy. I moved here last Summer and was contemplating driving out towards Fort Collins and to capture those fires last Summer, but didn’t. The only thing we could see from our area was the smoke.

    • Thank you. The towering smoke plumes from this fire and last year’s Waldo Canyon Fire were easily observable and photographable from the yard.

        • Not really. Black Forest is about 30 miles from where I live, so that tells you how tall the smoke plume was on the first day. Waldo Canyon is about 15-20 miles away. Both places had an incredible amount of fuel to draw on. If there’s a scary part, both locations still have a substantial amount remaining.

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