It’s the Moon

With cloudy evenings, it hasn’t been easy to do much viewing through the telescope – let alone seeing the moon. But this night, during the Memorial Day weekend, the sky was clear enough to see the moon – a waning gibbous moon …





5 thoughts on “It’s the Moon

  1. OK, technical question. Are you shooting these with long lens or do you have some kind of fancy attachment on a telescope or some such? I have such a hard time getting sharp images with my underpowered telefoto….

    • I use a Canon S3 IS as my primary camera, which is a “bridge camera”. I don’t use the full optical zoom (12X) the camera possesses, and I use manual settings. Since the moon is a bright object, use a daytime-type setting. You may also want to reduce your level of zoom. The more magnification you use decreases the amount of light entering into your lens. Hope this helps.

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