Sessions II: “By The Time I Get To Phoenix”

Unlike the song, no one is leaving anyone. Instead, a few photos from the current trip to the Phoenix area for the “Waiting On Heaven” project.

the I-40/I-17 interchange near Flagstaff (Sat,  May 11 2013)


on the freeway in Phoenix (Tue, May 14 2013)


With a break from rehearsals this morning, Andrea and I took an early morning drive through downtown Phoenix.

 before the early morning rush into downtown


light-rail train and traffic before the early morning rush


About the photos

Photos were taken using a Blackberry Z10. The first two photos were taken by Andrea, while I took the morning rush photos.


5 thoughts on “Sessions II: “By The Time I Get To Phoenix”

  1. I used to live in Mesa and work in Phoenix back in the 90’s. Can’t say I miss it at all. I learned I’m not a desert person! But I did love Sedona and we used to go there to get away.

    1. Can’t imagine doing the daily, freeway commute. We’re not desert people as well, counting down the hours to returning to more comfortable, and cooler, surroundings. 😉

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