Sessions I

An afternoon session of gray skies …



*      *      *


The first round of rehearsals for the Waiting On Heaven project are complete. Though a couple of musical arrangements need some additional work, the rehearsals went reasonably well. There were none of the unwieldy differences that one normally hears of when this many musicians are brought together to work on a project. It made for a good sense of anticipation on what can be accomplished in the next round of rehearsals in May. Our homework, however, will be to listen to the recorded copies of our rehearsal sessions.

With Andrea and I being the newbies to the group of musicians, we were warmly welcomed. The group’s way of welcoming, though, is a bit novel – sing an older song, preferably from the 1970s or 1980s. While the expectation was for each of us to do an oldie, Andrea and I opted for a duet of a song we both know quite well – “What’s Forever For”. The best rendition is by Michael Martin Murphey. A video of his rendition can be found here. We satisfied the requirement with our rendition.