Waiting On Heaven

For nearly 18 years, I was part of a contemporary worship music group. Of those 18 years, not quite 8 years was at St. Mary’s Cathedral before moving, as a group, to St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Colorado Springs in the mid-1990s. In 2004, the group decided to disband. For a church music group to stay together this long is very unusual. Since then, I have listened and sung from the pews. The change in perspective is very much welcomed.

While the notion of joining another church music group has occasionally arisen, I’ve pretty much resisted it. Once you finish a chapter in your life, you begin a new one. There is no going back. In my book, it would have to be a very special opportunity to revisit a closed chapter.

A few weeks ago, that very special opportunity had availed itself. The music project, Waiting On Heaven, is a recording effort of 15 original contemporary worship songs by Cherie M. Sadly, Cherie passed away suddenly last spring. It left this project largely an idea on the drawing board. The unpublished songs kept pulling at her daughter, Danielle, and her sister, Kris. Together, they have quietly revived the project. If it was anybody else who had asked, I probably would have politely declined the opportunity. But, you do things for certain friends.

It would be fair to say Waiting On Heaven is very much an indie effort. Kris has done much of the work in lining up a recording studio and publisher, and other production work. Danielle has worked on bringing back together the group of musicians and vocalists her mom, Cherie, had led. Remarkably, 24 of the 30 musicians and vocalists which formed that group have agreed to participate in the project. While the album is part tribute to Cherie, its primary purpose is to give praise to God.

Next week will bring the first round of rehearsals. Additional rehearsal sessions will follow in May and June. Depending upon how the rehearsals unfold musically, they will determine the scheduling of the recording sessions.

Photos of those sessions you may ask. At best, that is a “may be” since I’m one of the musician/singers.


About the graphic

The image which is the basis of the graphic is from a photo of the sky at sunrise, taken last month. It represents the first licensed use from my collection.