Spring or Winter

It’s early spring, yet winter is hanging on.





Though we received less snow than points to our north and east, the wind was brutal. It was definitely not a good day if you were bird. Being Colorado, we’ll return to warmer temperatures at the end of the week.

Here’s to more sunrises like this …





3 thoughts on “Spring or Winter

  1. It’s the same here with winter hanging on. We get one nice sunny day and then it rains for the rest of the week! It’s the worst weather in terms of rain in Nice, France for 25 years apparently! I can’t wait for the summer! Bisous Bailey

  2. David, I’m so sorry I missed your memorial post about your dear cat, Miss Mistrie! Such lovely photos to remember her by. It’s always difficult to lose a pet friend and I hope the others in your furry family provide a little consolation.

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