Farewell Miss Mistrie

Though it is part of the Tree of Life, it is one of those things you can never prepare yourself for – saying good-bye to a much-loved furry one. Earlier this afternoon, it became time for our friend, Toni, to bid farewell to her beloved Mistrie Rose.


Mistrie found her way to Toni’s home nine years ago, taking up residence in their firewood shed. Toni, a consummate cat lover, made this torbie kitty comfortable in the shed with warm bedding, food and water. Toni surmised that Mistrie may have been someone’s cat, dropped off in the woods to fend for herself. It was very good fortune Mistrie found her way to Toni’s home in the woods.


Through the years, Toni had longed to bring Mistrie indoors. Yet, she preferred staying outdoors – chasing bugs and leaves, and surveying her kingdom. Toni, and her husband Ronnie, would watch Mistrie play away the summer days. She stayed close to Toni’s home, not straying far from the property. While Mistrie was semi-feral, she became comfortable enough to allow Toni to pet her, and give headbutts and purrs. During the winter months, Mistrie had her warm bed in the firewood shed, and two warm, protected beds under the deck.

May you rest well and play long,
in the good company of the Lord


Photo credit: Images courtesy of Toni Britton.


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  1. What a beautiful tribute to a very special cat. Mistrie – you will be missed so much. RIP sweet girl.

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