At The Summit

Before our recent round of wintry weather, the lack of snow on Pikes Peak made access to the summit allowable. Whether it be by cog railway or car. A few weeks ago, we made a trip to the summit. Needless to say, the view was magnificent.

facing eastward, with Colorado Springs below


looking towards the southeastern horizon


a view from under the summit house roofline


With a paved road surface to the summit, it has been much easier to keep the highway open during the winter months. When the road surface was gravel, the highway was closed regardless whether there was snow or not during the winter season. Also, the facilities are much better, and with more scenic overlooks arrayed around the summit house.

Visiting during the winter months requires having the proper winter outerwear when you reach the summit. The day Laurie and I visited, it was in the mid-50s (°F) in Colorado Springs and 15° F (-10° C) at the summit. And, not too many people. Make sure you have the car heater on high for most of the way. If you’re wondering, they still serve the best donuts and coffee at the summit house.


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    • It must’ve been disappointing to make it to the summit and have no view. The best time is the early fall, when our weather is fairly dry and the skies quite clear along with the fall colors.

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