Film Flashback: Holland

In the early 1960s, we lived in Frankfurt for two and half years, where my dad was stationed. Occasionally, we had the opportunity to take trips to neighboring countries. One of those trips was to The Netherlands (Holland), arranged through the American Express travel concession. The trip, by car, was with another family. The weather, for the most part, was gray and drippy for the entire time. The sunny day came on the day we had to return to Frankfurt.

Like any other family trip, taking pictures was essential …

a swan in the waterway near the B&B


following the swan near the B&B


Canada geese in the waterway near the B&B



While the first day was general sightseeing, the second day was more intriguing for us three kids. The first stop was LegoLand …



After a couple hours at LegoLand, the next stop was at a tulip farm. While not too exciting, there were huge fields of colorful tulips along the way …

tulip field


After visiting the tulip farm, the next stop was Keukenhoff Gardens. Unfortunately, I have been unable to locate the color prints of this portion of the trip. In their place, these photos by Robin Hanson Constable …



The part of the tour, of the Gardens, I do remember is the pathway among the trees.


About the photos

These photos were taken by my older sister, Ginny, with her first camera using B&W Kodak roll film. The B&W prints have considerable fading along the edges and a bit in the center of the image itself. I am rather pleased that 50 year old prints did scan reasonably well.


Photo credit

Keukenhoff Garden images courtesy of Robin Hanson Constable. These images were scanned from my 2009 credit union calendar.