Film Flashback: Grand Canyon

In 1968, my family and I went on vacation after my dad returned from Vietnam. The main destination of the trip was Disneyland, with a half-day stop at the Grand Canyon along the way.

describing the climate of the Grand Canyon


The day we visited, it was a very gray day. And, rather cool for mid-July. It wasn’t exactly the best of days to take pictures …




We left earlier than planned, to continue on with the trip.


About the photos

These photos were taken by my older sister, Ginny, with her Kodak Instamatic camera. Though I was interested in “picture-taking”, my camera handling skills weren’t exactly that good at the time.

With the level of fading found with these photos, I asked Ginny if she had kept the negatives. She had no idea if they were kept, let alone where they are now. However, I am quite pleased how well they turned out after being scanned. Also, the post-processing was kept at a minimum.



6 thoughts on “Film Flashback: Grand Canyon

    • Your welcome. I was a bit concerned about how the prints would scan with the level of fading and yellowing on each one. I was pleased the colors in the prints were brought back to life a bit.

  1. Tell Ginny she did a great job! Beautiful photos and wonderful memories. Also, nice scanning. Sometimes I’m amazed at how well my scans turn out….others not so much.

    • I will. She’s quite good with a camera. It seems the older sister/brother, things come more naturally. For us down the line, you learn and try harder.

  2. Because it was such a grey day, it made these photos look as if they were taken on another planet ! Especially the last one. These are beautiful shots and they turned out pretty good through the scanner.

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