On The Road, Again

Last week, photos from a late afternoon business trip were posted. Two weeks later, a follow-up trip was made. A few photos from that trip …

northbound on I-25, with Pikes Peak in the background


westbound on US 24, Pikes Peak is more prominent in the background


Pikes Peak with hardly any snow cover in late December 2010


the outskirts of Bust, CO, a “town” just west of Cascade


passing through Bust, CO


higher terrain above US 24


continuing west on US 24


unlike the curves on the lower portion of Ute Pass, these curves are far more gentler


entering an S-curve


the outskirts of Woodland Park


leaving Woodland Park


the ferris wheel at the North Pole


the forest grows right to the edge of the road


in the morning shadows


warning sign as the road becomes winding


in the winding, lower portion of Ute Pass with an old railroad tunnel above the road


Like before, if you’re wondering, someone else was driving while I was taking pictures.


About the photos

These photos were taken using the HP Photosmart E317 digital camera.


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