Traditional Friday Catblogging

A year ago, today, we adopted our little ones and littermates, Pinky and Susie Q. We had longed to have Siamese cats to once again grace our home. Last December 7th was the day to make that wish come true.

Our babies, then …

Susie Q and Pinky under the bed those first few hours in our home, their new home


8 month old Miss Pinky (Dec 9 2011)


8 month old Miss Susie Q (Dec 9 2011)


Our babies now …

Miss Susie Q  (Oct 22 2012)


Miss Susie Q (Dec 1 2012)


Miss Pinky (Oct 26 2012)


Miss Pinky (Nov 30 2012)


Always in a state of play …


We’re glad they like and love us as well.

We would like to thank our friends at Colorado 9 Lives for keeping them safe, and to trust us and allow us to be their forever home.


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