Film Excursion – Fall Colors

While many travel into the mountains, there are several places much closer to home to observe the fall colors. One of the secondary roads, a few minutes from home, is one of the more scenic drives without having to negotiate the traffic or worry about making a wrong turn.



Turn off onto a side road, your drive will find you crossing a narrow bridge over Fountain Creek …



While this fall’s colors were decidedly mixed, this stretch of “rural countryside” did not disappoint. The colors were a magnificent golden color.

The road through this area, Las Vegas St, is the closest to a rural road within the boundaries of Colorado Springs. The two major “landmarks” on this road are the El Paso County Criminal Justice Center (main jail facility) and the Colorado Springs Main Wastewater Treatment Facility. The scenic portions along side Las Vegas St are privately-held properties. The side road, Janitell Road, has been closed to through traffic for several years due to damage the narrow bridge sustained during a severe summer thunderstorm. Unfortunately, Las Vegas St has been in a state of constant repair for the past two years, making access rather limited.


About the photos

These photos were taken with the Canon FTb 35 mm SLR using Kodacolor film (ASA 400).


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  1. This looks very scenic. I especially like the bottom photo. Too bad that the correctional facility and waste treatment plant are the landmarks.

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