Film Excursion – Fishing Trip

Many years ago, my dad and I went fishing quite often. From early May to mid-October, we would fish at least once a week. Most of the time, we did not go far – fishing the reservoirs on the Fort Carson training range. Every 4-5 weeks, we would make a day trip into the mountains to fish at the larger reservoirs. Wright’s Reservoir and Skaguay Reservoir were our favorite locations. We’ve fished at Eleven Mile Canyon and Eleven Mile Reservoir, which are further to the west. Much farther to west is Antero Reservoir, where we fished once.

Not too often did we take the camera along with our fishing gear and lunch. On our first trip to Skaguay Reservoir, however, we did take the camera along. A few photos from that first trip …

the road to Skaguay Reservoir


blue skies and bright sunshine at fishing spot #1, at Skaguay Reservoir


this fisher fixing his line while fishing near the dam


threatening skies to the east of the reservoir


Though we had an early afternoon rain, the skies cleared enough to fish another two hours before another line of more vigorous thunderstorms came into the area, and calling an end to the fishing trip.

How well did we do? After five hours of fishing, I believe we caught five, nice-sized trout … which made for a good dinner that night.


*     *     *


On the way back, we took some pictures along the way …




The carcass was the last thing we expected to see, especially so close to the county road. My dad, who grew up on the farm, said it’s one of those things associated with ranching. The scorch marks on the remains indicated the poor beef cow was probably struck by lightning.


About the photos

These photos were taken with the Canon FTb 35 mm SLR using Kodacolor film (ASA 200).