Film Excursion – Air Show

In late spring 1993, Peterson AFB hosted an open house and air show. Besides an aerial demonstration of a variety of aircraft, including vintage aircraft from World War II, there were static displays of aircraft current in the military inventory at the time.

F-16 Fighting Falcons


F-15E Strike Eagle


The access to the flight line was unprecedented, allowing visitors an up-close view of the aircraft. It included an opportunity to look into the cockpit of the F-15E. The sensitive electronic warfare systems in the cockpit were covered by security shrouds.

F-14 Tomcat


The big draw at the air show was the F-117A Nighthawk stealth fighter …


It was kept behind a roped line, which included an armed Air Force security detail, to prevent visitors from getting too close.

This was the second to last open house and air show to be staged at Peterson AFB. Since then, subsequent air shows have only featured vintage aircraft at the jetcenter complex of the Colorado Springs Airport.


About the photos

These photos were taken using the Keystone 35 mm point-and-shoot camera using Kodak Gold film (ASA 200).