Film Excursion – Concorde Flashback

In 1981, British Airways (BA) was planning to begin flight service between Denver and London. Rather than have the usual announcement program, BA decided to introduce themselves by sending one of their Concorde SST planes to different cities that would be part of their flight routes. Coming to Denver, however, presented a special problem – the runways at Stapleton International Airport (old Denver airport) were too close to one another. If the Concorde went to Denver, delays would have to be imposed on air traffic when it landed and departed – something the other airlines weren’t too keen about. Still, BA wanted to fly the Concorde into Colorado. The solution was to fly into the Colorado Springs airport.

On a perfect October afternoon, the Concorde made its one and only visit to Colorado …

The crowd was large, the greeting very warm. And, the excitement level high. In the terminal, space along the windows was at a premium.  Farther down the concourse, a better view could be found – albeit behind an array of equipment.

When the doors were opened at the ground level, the view was much better but limited. Unfortunately, the tarmac level had a long row of dumpsters.

After spending the night, the Concorde left early the next morning bound for Los Angeles. We weren’t able to see it take off, given a different route into the flight pattern.

It was too bad she didn’t make a return visit.


About the photo

These photos were taken with the Canon FTb 35mm SLR using Kodacolor film (ASA 200).