Film Excursion – Backroads

When traveling the secondary roads in Colorado, you’re occasionally treated with unexpected surprises. One of those occasions came in July 2006, coming home on State Highway 83.

Our first surprise was coming across a group of six deer on the plains just south of Castlewood Canyon, just before sunset. They were about a half mile off from the side of the road.

wide-shot #1

A closer view of the deer …

crop of wide-shot #1

The one deer trailing behind the other five is a buck. The five running ahead appear to be does.

wide-shot #2

close-up of wide-shot #2

Back on the road, we chatted about how it’s not too often you see this. It made for a good end of a long day.

Our second surprise came about twenty minutes later when we saw a herd of buffalo (American Bison) grazing on their ranch land just off the shoulder of the road. The challenge was taking a good shot, or two, in the fast fading light after sunset without using the flash.

In the next two photos, you may be able to see the calves grazing with the herd. When these photos were taken, the light was fading quite quickly.

After seeing the buffalo, it made for an even better end to a long day.

About the photos

These photos were taken with a Keystone 35 mm point-and-shoot camera, using Kodak Gold color film (ASA 200).