Day One – Images of Summer

With autumn beginning, a series of images from our just-finished summer.

Day One – The Robins

The robins have been visiting our front porch since the 1990s. Each year, adult robins bring their young to feed on the dry kibble and drink water that’s been set out for our two regular cat visitors.

robin #1

The adult robins initially fly back and forth from the porch with kibble in their mouths to feed their still-nested young. When the baby robins learn how to fly, one of the many stops is the porch. Within three days of their first arrival, the new robins stop by themselves to feed on kibble.

They watch. They wait. To make sure all is safe.

robin #2

robin #3

Then, they’ll hop down to feed.

robin #5

robin #6

robin #4

Next year, these robins will teach their young the same.