Film Excursion – Traditional Friday Catblogging

A not-so-traditional Friday Catblogging …

These two photos are from a visit to the Denver Zoo in the early 1980s.


The big cats were hanging out in the shadows on a warm August afternoon, trying to nap among the hustle and bustle of zoo visitors. In the top photo, a pair of tigers in the shade next to their indoor enclosure. In the bottom photo, a leopard lays in the shade near the fencing of his enclosure.

*     *     *

Since our visit back in the early 1980s, the big cat exhibit at the Denver Zoo has changed considerably. Most notably, their dwellings and surroundings have been reconstructed to provide a better, more realistic habitat. And, of course, the collection has changed. For more on the Denver Zoo, please click here.


About the photos

These photos were taken with the Canon FTb 35 mm SLR. Film: Kodak Ektachrome, ASA 200