Black Cat Friday

“Hmmm … it’s Friday the 13th. That makes it Black Cat Friday.”

Being the only black cat in the world, our little Midnight knows the importance of this day. And, with the appearance of a full Harvest Moon, it is an extra special Black Cat Friday.

resting up for the Harvest Moon


For more on the Harvest Moon, please read here.


Eighteen: September 11th

The day began like any other.

Summer vacations were over. School was in session. It was back to work. The bright spot on this Tuesday morning was the beautiful weather. The skies were sunny and clear, comfortable late summer temperatures. It was going to be one of those rare days of perfect weather across the country.

A relatively new president had settled into office. Though he was amiable and conciliatory, the political lines were beginning to sharpen. Pundits wondered aloud whether this Bush presidency would end like the last – one and done.

The unimaginable happened. Unfolding was horror and tragedy on a mind-numbing scale.

It was our worst day.

It became our best day.

Always Remember

Elizabeth: Twenty Four

Written by Andrea Kanakredes, RN, MSN

It is not Liz, or Lizzie. It is not Beth. Nor, is it Eliza (or Elisa).

She prefers being called Elizabeth. I’m glad of her choice. Elizabeth is such a beautiful name. The name is of Hebrew origin, meaning “God is my oath”. It can also mean “God’s promise”, “God’s satisfaction”, or “God’s promise”. Our princess is all this and more.

Elizabeth: the sunset whip (JN Ranch, Sep 2014)

Our second princess, Elizabeth, is twenty four.

Her dad and I are very proud of Elizabeth. She has become a beautiful woman. She’s sweet, intelligent, loyal and thoughtful. A lover of handwritten notes, Elizabeth will leave one when it’s least expected. Our note back, “We love you with all our heart.”

Elizabeth and Lilith: an unspoken affection (JN Ranch, Aug 2015)


Happy Birthday, Baby Princess!

mom and dad

Tuxie: A Rainbow Bridge Day

He was a rescue cat, rescued from the backyard with his littermates, Maxie and Midnight. He was a fun, semi-sociable and handsome boy. Perhaps it was his formal attire, wearing tuxedo colors. Or, perhaps it was his laid back demeanor.

Tuxie’s daily routine included at least one, very fast run everyday. If he missed a run, he would make up for it with two runs the next day. His other daily must do was to lay on a lap and snake around a bit. Though he was quiet, Tuxie made himself known, rubbing on your legs or asking for pets. He knew how to sit nicely next to you. After a while, he would nibble on a finger, or two. The nibbling, of course, was done with a smile and great affection.

After coming indoors, Tuxie quickly learned the value of a window. From a window, the entire world could be seen. Squirrels and birds, other cats, dogs and wildlife. Better yet, it could all be seen in all kinds of weather.

We love and miss you very much.


Meezers At Thirty

Three baby kittens, of the Siamese kind, were born thirty years ago. They were Dino, Pebbles and Bam-Bam.

Jewel, Ginny’s friend, had initially given thought of keeping the kittens. With a small home and two, young children she knew finding homes for the kittens would be the better choice. Jewel asked Ginny if she wanted a kitten. Ginny said it might be a tough sell to her Calico girl on having another kitty in the house. She said she knew someone who might be interested.

Ginny asked, I said yes. Six weeks later, over the Columbus Day weekend, I received Dino.

Dino napping on his grandpa’s lap (Oct 1989)

Jewel was having difficulty in finding a home for Pebbles. She asked Ginny if I would be interested in Pebbles. I said I would take her. If Jewel continued to have reservations about the person adopting Bam-Bam, I would take that kitten too. After Jewel met with Bam-Bam’s adopter-in-waiting, her concerns were allayed. I received Pebbles before Halloween.

the niece holding Pebbles (Oct 1989)

Through the years, Jewel would ask Ginny how Dino and Pebbles were doing. She was so glad to know they were doing so well.

Though both have been gone for awhile, Pebbles 15 years and Dino 11 years, they likely know they have been missed. A couple years after Dino passed, Ginny ran into Jewel’s daughter, Sophia. She said she was sad to learn Dino was gone, but was so glad he and Pebbles were loved for so long.

To our Dino and Pebbles, and Bam-Bam, whom we never met, a Happy Birthday on their special day.

love always,

mom, dad & girls

Photos: From the Two Cats Two archive, they were taken using a Canon FTb 35mm SLR with Kodak Gold film (ASA 200).


With each passing year, the days become more special. They are special for their good cheer and the making of good memories. My dad is celebrating his 89th today.

Life on the ranch reminds him much of growing up on his grandparents’ farm. Occasionally, he will favor us with stories of his grandpa, how he worked as a chuckwagon cook on the last cattle drives in Texas, and cooking for shepherds with their flocks.

This evening, Laurie, Andrea and I will be celebrating with him. A cookout with New York strips and sweet corn. For dessert, Laurie asked dad what would he like. “How about a coconut cake, like the one you made a couple years ago,” he suggested.

coconut crème cake: Sunday dessert, birthday dessert

Later, an adult beverage nightcap.

sampling premium brews

The girls will be celebrating from their condo with a batch of coconut cookies and the remainder of the Sunday cake, amid their studying.

My dad continues to do well, for which we are eternally grateful. He is in good health and in good spirits. These are the things that matter the most.

First Day, Second Year

Off one saddle onto another. From English tall boots to Skechers Work Relaxed Fit: Dighton-Bricelyn SR. From polos and breeches to Dickies brand scrubs.

My daughters are beginning their second year of medical school at UC Health Sciences Center.

While they were loving every second of a pair of horse shows in Santa Fe, the past two weeks, they were looking forward to the start of the new academic year. It will be a year heavy on human anatomy. The attention to detail, a requirement and necessity, will be relied upon more. But, of course, they know much about, and the value of, the attention to detail.

To be ready for the first day of classes today, they worked on a compressed schedule yesterday. The girls are accustomed to working on short timelines, and being well organized.

University of Colorado Hospital – Anschutz Inpatient Pavilion I & II

They’ll be home most weekends to unwind and get in some riding time.