Traditional Friday Catblogging

The winter start of this week has given way to a springtime end. And, there’s nothing better than watching birds to start the day.

Midnight on bird watch


Or, being sun-splashed.

Egypt catching the sun


May everyone have a good weekend.


A Bella Portrait

A portrait. Of Bella, Andrea’s younger sister.


Super pretty, super smart. An accomplished equestrian. Very married.

Attending a wedding reception, the both of us were sitting and chatting in a corner, watching everyone else.


Legal Notice -

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Film Flashback: Ford Mustang

Ford Motor is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Mustang, by far its most enduring model line.

The first Mustangs were introduced during the 1964 model year, produced in limited numbers. In 1965, the Mustang went into full production. One of the many buyers of the ’65 Mustang was my dad. It was a car he couldn’t resist, and the price was just right. Though the Mustang was meant to appeal to fast car aficionados, ours was a family car.

my dad’s 1965 Mustang, my dog Peanuts


washing the Mustang


Under the hood, a 287 cubic-inch V8 with a 4-barrel carburetor and power steering included. A couple of the older cousins, on my dad’s side, were so impressed with his Mustang, they had to buy their own.

the other Mustangs


Stella owned the dark 1966 Mustang shown above, Ernie had the one parked in the driveway (also a 1966) shown above. Both models had V6 engines rather than the 287 V8.

My dad thought when Ford had made the Mustang larger, with a bigger engine, they had ruined the car. And, he was right in that respect. Its sales began to decline in the early 1970s. Ford muddled and fiddled with its design, eventually reducing its size by 1976. The resized Mustang was no larger than their other “pony” car, the Pinto. Both shared the same engine and transmission, possibly even the frame.

Though there was talk about returning the Mustang to its roots and going back to the 287 V8, it didn’t. And, while the newer Mustangs may have some of the lines of the early Mustangs, they’ll never be like those early models. With a lot of power and the best engine ever made.


About the photos -

These photos were taken by my sister, Ginny, in 1966 using roll film. Scanned from print images.


It’s the place nobody really wants to be.

 second floor, mezzanine level at Evans Army Hospital, Ft. Carson


University of Colorado Hospital (UCH), Aurora


Memorial-UCH Hospital, Colorado Springs


Laurie’s and Andrea’s advice to avoid a doctor’s visit or a hospital stay is, “don’t get sick.” More important is to listen to your body.



Spring Snow

For about an hour, yesterday afternoon, it appeared the snowstorm was going to be much more serious than forecasted. The snow was falling heavily, the winds were becoming stronger.


Many of the birds had already hunkered down in their roosts to wait out the snow. But, there were a few robins that waited out the snow more in the open.


A couple hours and two inches later, the heavy snow had relented. The robins, in the open, returned their roosts for the night. During the overnight hours, everything turned into sheets of ice.



While today felt more like a day in late January or early February, the snow and ice melted away rather quickly under the bright sun. And, the robins were back to their springtime routine.


Another sign of spring.

Easy Like Sunday

Despite the changing weather, my daughters were able to ride this morning. When the snow began to fall in earnest, it was time to call it a day. And, pass out some tasty treats to their horses.

Deborah giving a Granny Smith apple to Captain Andrew


For the riders and the dad, it was some hot cocoa and cookies. And, more hot cocoa for the drive home.