Late Summer Calls

After a one-day encounter with winter last week, our weather has been decidedly on the summery side this week. Grasshoppers, in their plentiful numbers, hop about everywhere in the yard. Crickets, also in plentiful numbers, work their sounds from early afternoon into the wee hours of early morning. The bees, in good numbers, continue to busily gather nectar. Thoughts of fall are relatively few.

The sedum in our garden has changed into its crimson red, signifying the fall season is arriving.





Colors of Fall -

In the Colorado high country, the colors of fall have been taking hold. This weekend, and next, mountain vistas will be cloaked in gold. In the lower elevations, the fall colors will appear in earnest by mid-October.

Among The Shadows

On occasion, an idyllic scene may be hidden among the high brush. Or, not much of anything.


What may be hiding in the brush?


Behind the brush, possibly a path or a long forgotten road. The shadows were very long. Fallen tree limbs and branches were strewn about. While curiosity called, the “DANGER – NO TRESPASSING” sign and a few strands of barbed wire was enough to stay away.

What lay ahead in the shadows? Definitely, the unknown.

Scenes of Iowa

It begins here, crossing over the Missouri River, from Nebraska into Iowa, eastbound on I-80.


Corn And Wind Turbines -

Fields of corn border both sides of I-80. Taking a place among the cornfields are wind turbines. Both seemingly crowd the interstate highway.

zipping past a cornfield on I-80, west of Des Moines (Aug 2014)


One of the large wind farms is located near Avoca, about 30 miles east of Omaha. From a distance, the wind turbines don’t seem imposing. Close up, they are giants.

near Des Moines, wind turbines at sunset (July 2014)


Fog Layers -

On several mornings, we were greeted by fog. Some days, the fog was dense. Other days, it dissipated quickly after sunrise.

fog receding from an Iowa farm field (Aug 2014)


dense morning fog near Des Moines (Aug 2014)


The Night Sky -

Most evenings were warm, muggy and cloudy. The night before the full moon, the sky was clear enough to see her in the night sky of Iowa.

waxing full moon over Iowa (Aug 2014)


Reflections: September 11th

The morning air was cool and crisp. A golden sunrise in crystal clear skies.


Today began in the same manner as that Tuesday morning, September 11, 2001. In many ways, much too eerily. An early morning conference call to the East Coast. My daughters getting ready for school. The cats lounging about the house.

The stories of September 11, 2001 are many. It is more than “where we were” or “what we were doing” on that day. One of the most poignant observations made at the various ceremonies, this morning, was offered by Jennifer Griffin of FNC. The youngest victim that died at the Pentagon, onboard American 77, was three years old. Today, she would be 16. While it was a day when many dreams and hopes were lost, it was also a day when much strength of character was discovered.

May God bless those who died on a bright, sunny morning thirteen years ago, and at the diplomatic outpost in Benghazi, Libya two years ago. May God bless America.